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Picture by Henry Stipp

Picture by Henry Stipp

Originally from Brazil, Verena Menichelli, the artistic director of Luz Flamenca, began her dance training from a very young age starting with ballet before changing direction after discovering flamenco and realising this was where her true passion for dance lay.

She has been a professional flamenco dancer and teacher since 1996. In Brazil, she worked in the best companies as both a dancer and choreographer, winning many important prizes at the most renowned dance festivals in the country.

Seeking a deeper knowledge of the Spanish culture, she moved to Madrid in 2002 and lived there until 2007. During this period, she studied with many of the big names in the flamenco world while honing her skills by performing in the local tablaos ‘Las Tablas’ and ‘Los Gabrieles’.

The dancers she has studied with include: Eva la Yerbabuena, Sara Baras, Mercedes Ruiz, Rafaela Carrasco, La Truco, Manuel Reyes, Merche Esmeralda, Adrian Galia, La China, Ciro and Pilar Ogalla.

In London, she is known for her expression in dance and for her teaching skills. She is also known for the authenticity that she brings to the flamenco scene and has become more widely known since doing the ZingZillas Show for the BBC.

Currently, she collaborates with many flamenco artists in the UK such as Sandra La Espuelita and Flamenco Pasión, Nuria Garcia and La Escuela de Baile, Sara Olivar, Javier Macias, Angus Cruickshank and Peña de Londres.