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Who can attend classes?

Men and women over the age of 15 years are welcome to join classes. No previous dance experience is required. Children wishing to learn flamenco can do so through our private classes.

Which level should I attend?

Beginners – Classes are suitable for total beginners with no previous knowledge.

Improvers – This level requires a minimum of 6 months experience and a basic knowledge of flamenco technique.

Intermediate – This level requires students to have at least 3 years’ experience.

General – Suitable for any student with a basic knowledge of flamenco technique.

Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to discuss your previous experience so we can advise the best level and options for you.

What should I wear in class?

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable to move and dance in. More traditional flamenco attire can be worn as you become more experienced. Shoes or boots with a strong solid or “Cuban” heel are advised. Flat shoes, trainers and stilettos are not recommended for flamenco dancing.

Where to buy shoes?

When buying your first pair of flamenco shoes, it is important that they are comfortable and fit well. For this reason, we don’t advise buying them over the internet.
Stores such as “El Mundo Flamenco” in London, stock many of the well-known brands such as Gallardo, Begoña Cervera, Senovilla, Osuna.

Class content?

The first half of the class is usually dedicated to technique followed by study of choreography in the second half. Technique includes the study and practice of footwork, arms and bodywork, turns and rhythm (Compás, contratiempo and clapping).
Each level is given a set choreography to study throughout the year which allows students to deepen their understanding and knowledge of that particular style and rhythm. More advanced students are encouraged to explore improvisation.

What music can I start to listen to?

If you are new to flamenco, you can start with easy listening music such as Ketama. Well-loved singers include: Camarón de la Isla, Enrique Morente, Diego Cigala, José Mercé and Niña Pastori.
If you wish to practise by yourself, the “Solo Compás” Cd series include all the major rhythm studied.

Where can I see flamenco in London?

Saddler’s Wells (www.sadlerswells.com), brings some of the best flamenco shows and performers every year to London with the Flamenco Festival as well as specific events throughout the year.

For any further questions, please contact us.